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Traveling to dangerous places- Few must haves to make it safe & sustainable

Are you a thrill seeker? Simple trips or rides in buses like Washington DC to NYC bus are not enough for you? Then there are some necessities you must carry to avoid any hassle in your trip. If you are a kind of person who loves to do adventure in your life then you should take some essentials with you. When you are going to travel places like which are filled with adventure and are leaning towards dangerous side then there are things that you must have before going to travel the place.

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Here are a few things which can help you when you need them at dangerous place.

1. Watch: You should always take your watch with you. Just think if your phone is not charged and gets switched off along with no source of energy where you can charge it. In situation like this a watch can help in numerous ways. At least you can check out the time and you can plan your next things accordingly.


2. Secret pocket: Put your credit cards, debit cards, passport, master cards, Visa and your ATM cards and other important stuff like our driving license and all those things in your secret pocket. If you can carry, take copy of each document so that if one gets stolen then you still have a choice of using another and you can still access to money as well. This tip can also come in handy when you are traveling in a Washington DC to NYC bus.

3. Flip flops: You should pack a pair of flip flops with you as at the place where you have to move fast from a specific place then your flip flops will help you to run even faster. They can come handy and will also not take too much place.


4. A light source: There are also some places where you don’t get light all the time so you should have a light source with you. Things like a torch so that when the time comes, you can follow your path where you want to go next with the help of the torch.

5. Pack food and water bottle: You should always pack some healthy food for yourself as if you need energy then you can always have something in hand to eat. So it is necessary to take some healthy snacks with you as you can go to a place where you will not get healthy food. This is something which you might follow while traveling in buses like Washington DC to NYC bus as well.


6. Army knife: You should pack a knife with you as you are going to a dangerous place. It can act as armor in difficult situations. If you are in wilderness then it will certainly help you to stay safe. You can use your knife to cut food when you are out of your accommodation and you need to eat snacks too. So, don’t forget to keep knife with you.

If you are adventurous and daring or love to seek thrill then there are some destinations in the world you should travel but keep in mind about your safety. It is not easy as traveling in a Washington DC to NYC bus. Safety should be the priority of the one’s. So, here are the thing you should pack before going to travel a dangerous place and keep yourself safe and sane.

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