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Travel Anxiety- This is how you can fight it

Do you get nervous before you travel? There is no right way or wrong way to deal with anxiety or life in general. The important thing is to try, one small step at a time. As you all have might heard the phrase, “Practice makes a man perfect.” So you just have to practice.

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You will be surprised to know that a lot of people get anxiety issues even during their travel in DC to NY bus. There are many people who have fear about sitting in plane or bus, about travelling alone, or people who are travelling with family and friends still feel anxiety sometime as they over think about their trip.

  1. Music: Make a playlist of songs or just some music you like of around 16 hours to calm yourself. So that you will forget about anything else while you are travelling, even in a DC to NY bus ride. Music can be of your choice, it should be something which makes you feel happy and energetic.
  2. Travel with companion: If you travel with a companion then you will feel more secure and you can talk with you companion about anything when you really need to talk. And you companion will take care of you when you will feel sickness or anxiety problems.
  3. Healthy food: While going to travelling or taking a ride in bus like DC to NY bus, you should pack some health snacks with you just like as dry fruits, fruits, veggies or any other healthy food. If you eat junk food more often while on your travelling as junk food is easily available then it will worsen your anxiety and you will definitely feel sick. If you eat healthy food then you will definitely feel energetic while travelling and you will do all fun tasks which makes you feel good.
  4. Take deep breath: If you are conscious about your trip and feel anxiety and sickness then taking deep breaths can work for you as you can inhale more oxygen while deep breathing which will open your muscles and you will feel better. This is something which you can do even during your NY to DC bus So, it is really good to spend some time on taking deep breaths before going to a trip as if you sit free then you will think about your trip and get worried about it and then can feel anxiety.
  5. Call doctor: If you can’t handle the anxiety you are feeling and any above written technique does not work then it is better to call to your doctor. Doctor will give anti anxiety tablets which you can take as prescribed by the doctor. Doctor can also tell you about “how to take deep breaths in a proper manner” so you can reduce your anxiety. This is always the last resort remember.

These are some techniques through which you can decrease your anxiety and you can enjoy the trip with lot of energy and joy. If you are the one who has fear for plane or bus trip then you can try these techniques, it will definitely work for you.

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