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Guide Book- Not The Ultimate Prize For Eliminating Boredom

Sometimes while going onto a trip, you may feel lazy and get bored. Even if it is just a ride in New York City to DC bus, which is for only few hours. If you are a type of person who never gets bored while you are alone then you will remain stay active always. However if you are a kind of person who gets bored easily while on a trip then here are a few things to enjoy your trip. Because reading a guide book or a map will only enhance your boredom instead of removing it. One needs to try different things.

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Things you can do while traveling to avoid boredom and laziness.

Sometimes travelling via plane or a bus like a ride in New York City to DC bus gets pretty boring. So, here are some tips for you to make yourself feel active like you can listen to loud music. You can sit comfortably by removing your shoes so that you can feel free.

  • Say yes to weird things: Learn to say yes to weird things if you think some things looks weird to do then it is the time to do those things and enjoy them. You will enjoy those things like if you are visiting in India than you can eat by your hands or the local spicy snack food and you will enjoy all those things. Like if you are in Jordan then you can do donkey ride which seems really weird. So, start saying yes to things which might seems weird to you.
  • Be open minded: When you are getting bored while at your trip then being open minded will help you a lot. Like if you are sitting beside an unknown person in your ride in New York City to DC bus then just start a conversation with the unknown person. May be you will a friend for life or you will learn new things. Like you can ask about the things which you should visit there and what is the best point of attraction to visit. This will make you feel good and you will not get bored. Remember one thing, you are going there to enjoy so don’t hesitate to do something which you didn’t have done before in your life. Like you can dance, you can go to a bar and you can enjoy night life with drinks like cocktail. Ithaca to New York
  • Have a little adventure: If you have hesitation for daring things then it is the right time to do something adventurous in life. Like if you travelling to a hill station then you should try mountain climbing and if you are going to a dessert then you can enjoy balloon ride. If you have fear for water then you should try to overcome that fear. If you able to overcome the fear then you will feel good and never get bored in your life. So, be adventurous and daring in your life to enjoy trip.

These are a few tips which you can do while you get bored on a ride in DC to New York City bus or a flight. You will feel better and stay active throughout the entire trip.

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